New version! RELEASE!

Shinobi! We give you version 0.3.1 of the game, in which you can play the basic story of Neji.

We would like to warn you that Neji's story will also be divided into several parts, because it's much bigger and will be released in several versions, just like Naruto's story.

There's also an option to play Neji's story at once (It's not necessary to go through Naruto's story).

Also in parallel with the continuation, Naruto's story is being refined and expanded.

In the new version of the game you will find:

  • A new game as the character Neji.
  • New Scenes 18+.
  • 3 new erotic scenes;
  • 1 new erotic scene animation;
  • New animated character sprites;
  • New animations.

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