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Obito's plan "Eternal Tsukuyomi" was a success and the player gets a chance to see the perfect world of each character. But do not expect that everything will be easy! And there you will have to work hard to achieve happiness.
In the first version of the game, you will be able to play as Naruto (Hokage), plunge into the post-war quiet time, see familiar characters, even those who should have been dead :).
As the game progresses, the list of characters for whom you can play will expand, you will have to solve riddles, participate in Shinobi battles and establish a personal life characters by any means available! 

Hello to all shinobi!

We haven't seen you for a long time!
There is so much going on in the world that even we are drawn into the maelstrom of events.
For half a year, we lived through through some rough patches, but we have always keep working on the continuation of the Naruto game.

We have good and bad news. Let's start with the second one.
We thought it was time to telling you officially that our game "NARUTO: ETERNAL TSUKUYOMI" will no longer be updated and will not see a sequel. Alas, but it is. It's time to move on, with new forces, knowledge and acquired skills. The latest version of the game will remain available to backers and will also be available for purchase at https://kiobe.itch.io . It is possible that in the future a part of content will be reworked and added to the continuation of a new game.

And this is the second news! Get back to the good: we are pleased to announce that we have started a new ongoing Naruto project and are ready to present you its demo version right now.

In the new "Naruto: World of dreams":


  • Animation of sprites (only facial expressions now);
  • Choice of heroes at the start of the game and new character stories (only Naruto is available in the demo version);
  • Non-linear plot (there is a chance that you will miss something, then the character's story will have to go through several times);
  • Android version.


In the new version of the game you will find:

  • The end of story with Naruto/Hinata (quest name "to win your wife back");
  • The end of story with Sasuke/Sakura (quest name "To help Sakura and Sasuke");
  •  combat system (similar to the one in the previous game, but simplified and more convenient); new mini-game with targets;
  •  Improved some scenes from the previous version;
  •  5 new erotic scenes;
  •  1 new erotic scene animation;
  •  New animated character sprites;
  •  Animation for the combat system.

We are happy to announce that we are officially starting work on Neji's story.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, NSFW, Porn, sex


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Hello, translation into Chinese is planned near the end of the game ( machine translation )

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This is a very interesting game, both painting style and music are very good.

I hope future updates will not disappoint you! Thank you for your kind words!

Will I receive every update if I buy the game for 3.9 €?

The itch policy says that you will receive all versions that match this price in the future ( after some time )

Can I just pay 10 with the price beeing 3.9?

It is better to check with itch io technical support. I'm afraid to give you the wrong hint.


just short


In relation to the last game (eternal tsukiyomi) yes, but it's temporary. We consistently release a sequel every 2 months.

Unfortunately, the last game had to be converted into this one, since the engine's capabilities were limited with those mechanics and we could not make an Android version.

Now there are no such problems and I hope that in the future you will return to my game and be able to enjoy it


i bought the previous update, do i have to buy the new one too? or is it supposed to come with it?


Yes, if you don't want to wait for it to become free ( with the release of the next version )


Kinda sounds like a cash grab😬


No one forces you to buy, you can wait for the free version all the time.


Itch does not work on the principle of Patreon and even Steam. If the price of the game rises (for example, the price was $5, and then changes to $10) - then according to some laws itch - those who bought the game for $5 - will not be able to get files for $10. We do not set these rules, these are the rules, etc.

On release, the game will most likely cost $10. If you buy the game for $10 now (namely, pay $10, not $5, but exactly $10) - then on release you will get the game on itch without any problems.

so people who got the game on sale just get one version?


I found out that in the future they will receive all versions that will fit this price.


How do I update my game?


A new version of the game has been released, you can buy it above. The first version of the game became free. Version 0.2 will become free when the next version is released (i.e. 0.3 )


I've already brought the game.


when update

Now the game is at the translation stage, in about a week (one and a half)

i bought the other game for $3, does the purchase transfer over or do i have to pay for this one too

When the next version is released, the last one becomes free (if the translator correctly translated your question to me. ) The next version will be released in late August (early September).

I'm asking if I already paid for Eternal Tsukuyomi, do I have to pay for World of Dreams too, or do I just get it for free because I already paid for Eternal Tsukuyomi?

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No, it's not, but you can write to me about it in the discord, we will discuss it with you personally. milky#4600

It should remain paid for. You just have to download from your owned games section instead of this page


I bought this game in a bundle and it ended right after you meet karin which took me about 5 mins. Was this a problem with the download or was this actually the end of the demo?

Deleted 118 days ago

hey, i know that your other naruto game is no longer updated anymore, but im just curious as to why you stopped working on it. is there a reason why you dropped that to work on this naruto game? (u dont have to answer if u dont want to, i was just wondering)


Yes, due to the fact that we implemented a complex combat system into it, we could not port it to android and mac ( without bugs ). Now we will slowly refine this game from what was in that game. Therefore, WD will be a kind of restart in which we will try to avoid all past mistakes.

Anal sex?

Anal sex is in the plans on a mandatory basis. But there are no scenes with him in the demo version. You can see it here - https://kiobe.itch.io/naruto

Can there be Noncon and mindbreak NTR.

NTR in general as a genre is very specific. If it is introduced, it will be in the future and most likely enabled/disabled. At the moment, this is not in the game.

aww, okay.

Sorry :(


Hi, very cool game. I hope you stay with  Naruto as Main Character, because there are too many game with some original character as the protagonist.


We will try not to disappoint you in the future.


Nice, i very like this game.






Sorry for such a long absence... there were a lot of life problems...


AS long as you're back and well!

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i may not have downloaded any of your games but glad your back and hopfully happy!