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The game will have more than 50 characters with whom you can meet and chat, for which you can play. In addition, as the game develops, polls will be conducted and characters that the public wants will be introduced. More than 30 unique locations, a map of the shinobi world, where you can visit any part of it. You can literally get around the entire shinobi world! But we are not limited to the usual life of the shinobi, with its difficulties and dangers, our game will slightly open its other side, more sweet and forbidden!

Update 0.11:
  • Added the ability to play as Kakashi.
  • Added a new character to recruit to the Naruto team.
  • Added a new character to recruit to the Saukura team.
  • Added a new character to recruit to Sasuke's team.
  • Changed the easy mode ( for a place of 2000 Ryo is given 750, characters are given depending on the main character ).
  • Added 18 + stage-Sakura + Kakashi.
  • Added 18 + scene-Obito + Rin.
  • Added 18 + scene-Naruto + Hinata.
  • Added 18 + scene-Ino + Sakura.
  • Added 18 + scene-Kakashi + guy ( Gay content with warning ).
  • Added 18 + scene-Kushina + Kakashi.
  • Added the ability to spy on sources for the hero Kakashi-5 scenes ( Anko, Hinata, Ino, Rin, Sakura ).
  • Added a new location-polygon ( for the hero Kakashi ).
  • Added a mini - game-throwing kunai.
  • Added a mini - game-Jaken.
  • Added a quest-Oh, this guy.
  • Added a quest to Deal with spies.
  • Added a quest photo Album.
  • Added a Cleaning quest.
  • During the battle, you can now put a maximum of 4 ninjas.
  • Fixed the balance of the combat system (enemies in some areas were simplified ).
  • Increased rewards for fighting in the vicinity of Konoha.
  • And much more.
  • As well as fixed and added new bugs.
Update 0.11.8 fix + orochi_test:
  • 3 scenes in Konoha in search of information.
  • An unfinished game for Orochimaru. ( Test )
  • Torture for Anko
  • Fixed switching between locations.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Adult, Cute, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, NSFW, Porn, sex


Get this game and 2 more for $9.90 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
67% Off
$10.00 $3.30 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.30 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Walkthrough.doc 22 kB
Naruto_Eternal_tsukuyomi_0.11-pc.zip 510 MB
NarutoEternaltsukuyomifromKiobe_0.11-0.11.8-pc.zip 614 MB

Development log


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is there a steam version

there is not and never will be x)

Please make an Android version I can't play bc of that??

Sorry, but due to the features of the game, it cannot be ported. We started doing a restart that can be played on android -https://kiobe.itch.io/naruto-wd

Won't you guys face legal issues for charging for a game based on a property you don't have the rights for?

Regardless, i wish the best of luck to you guys

The game contains all the author's data, the game is nothing more than fan fiction, and I charge for early access

Is this still being update as of present date

At the moment we have started releasing a rebild https://kiobe.itch.io/naruto-wd  Where there will be a transfer of 80% of the game gameplay, but there will only be new scenes. The old scenes will remain in this game.

(1 edit) (+1)

Ok so I need both games then 

every time i want to talk with a merchant the game gives me a error message what should i do?

you can send a screenshot of the error to the mail yourmilkydaddy@gmail.com. you can send a screenshot of the error to the mail yourmilkydaddy@gmail.com


I bought the bundle but didnt get any of the games and my money was taken. How do I get the games or get my money back? Or do I just get neither?

you should write to itch technical support. They will solve your problem. support@itch.io

Thank you for the help, I got the games.


the itch owner made it where if you buy a bundle the games are not automatically added ever since the palestine bundle came out, so buyer beware because it's a pain in the butt to manually add games from a large bundle, can cause accidental rebuying, and with some bundles some of the games can't be attached to your account manually.

wish they would go back to the old way where you actually got what you paid for automatically and with no possibility of errors.




You should make a bleach one ;)

I would like... but unfortunately we have been making versions for a very long time due to various life problems(


It will be released soon with a new version.


This is not for Android but you post it in the Android sub reddit??

A new version is coming out in May, it will be adapted for Android.

When in may

Moved the date due to the fact that they decided to finish some game mechanics,

when is the latest version update

At the moment we are working on a sequel, but due to the difficult situation in the world (after the cavid and the disease, the military operation we got into... ) everything slowed down... We apologize.


is it animated



Deleted post

in future updates.

Deleted post

If you want content with Temari, then you should wait for about 2 large versions. It will have a separate content with the main character in the form of Gaara.

Deleted post

Is there likely to be a mac-compatible version of this made?   And if so, would buying this get me access to it when that happens?


You should wait for the mac version to be released. We are currently working on a new version (it will be a continuation of what is available and completely portable)

I have bought the green potion of sleep and there is nothing to do anymore. The boss fight is too hard, but i havent met sakura ino rin hinata anko. Are they for the kakashi story line?

Yes, for kakashi's storyline. Anko for the Orochimaru storyline.

Below I sent a walkthrough from the previous version.


And is there any walkthrough i can see for free?

There is an old version. Maybe it will help?


Hi, where to find the amulet? Have searched every where, and also where are all the ingredients for the booze?

The amulet is made from a boar's tooth and jewelry is bought from a merchant. Then you need to go to Kushina.

The ingredients for the booze are written on a piece of paper.

Deleted 1 year ago

A good game but it needs a... bit more... fine tuning.  The art style is again good and i look forward to seeing it evolve.  The game-play mechanics are decent yet not without bugs.  the sound is good and has room for improvement.  overall a decent game to interact with your favorite characters from the show (Kushina,Ino,Anko,Hinata and more FTW!)

I wish the dev the best in completing this game and ironing out all the kinks. I will wait in playing until then.

Thanks! We are slow but working on updates...

how to complete missing cat mission

You need to find a cat in the locations - a market, a shop assistant or a hairdresser

is there a futa playable character?


Will there be an android version?

It will be closer to the end of the game, you will need to rebuild it from scratch for this.

Is there an android version currently available?

There is no Android version yet.

Is Boruto Characters Available In This Game ?

Sorry, but no. It wasn't even in the plans.


When will the complete game be released?

I can't say the exact date... Everything is in progress.


NarutoEternaltsukuyomifromKiobe_0.11-0.11.8-pc.zip - updated fix!

I found a bug in 0.11.8, the syntax changed when updating renpy... I will correct it and send the fix in the near future, sorry.

Is version 0.11 available for Android

sorry, but due to the specific combat system, there is no android port.


Is there any other way to play this game at android like emulators

I love this game

So far, there is no way to play through android... Towards the end of the project, we will try to implement a playable build for android.

(1 edit)

Bought the bundle and I'm only able to access .11 version i notice this is an issue with a lot of people who bought that bundle i have my purchase tied to my account but going to the download link just leads to the walkthrough and the .06 version.

Email is the same as the user name @gmail.com


Am I gonna be able to play this on Mac sometime?

you can run the application on the mac via the Windows emulator. For example Wine


Awesome man, thx for the advice. Will try!

I studied the question in more detail, this method works BUT the emulators do not work on the new M1 processors. If you have an old mac, then everything should start.


I was able to open it w/ Wine fam thx

How do i switch my character

When you start the game from the beginning, you are offered a choice of character.

How do i progress my main story??

ok, so. i bought this game with boundle with other your games but I have only 0.06 version. Yeah, I love your work, so I thought to buy all of your games and there is a boundle... Where is version 0.11??

did you buy a bundle?


yeah I bought it like 10 hours ago. I downloaded 4 hours ago other your games and I played them already :D but eternal tsukuyomi is in version 0.06 idk why. In the top of screen of eternal tsukuyomi (in this site not in the game) there is grey sector saying that I purchaised the game for 5$ 10 hours ago and there is download button, but when I'm pressing it- openes window with 0.06 version. Same with my library and with link in my mail

this is very strange, can you write me your mail here? I will send you a link to the 0.11 version.


yeah ofc. Here proofs that I purchaised the game



Отправил х)

Will there be an android version?

(1 edit)

in plans


the code is 82816313 by the way ( code for the case in hokages office)

Can i trust this....? My antivirus program says this game is dangerous..

see the answer to a similar question below.


can't wait for the game to add further updates!

We are working on an update, but very slowly, due to the artist's illness... (covid ),...

The trojan alerts are false positives, likely caused by free antivirus programs that tend to label everything as malicious.  Game runs and works fine on mine.  This is a much better Naruto game than Naruto Trainer, which is complete garbage.  I don't use my PC much, so any chance for a mobile port in the future?

My antivirus doesn't see any problems. I checked the "cureit" archive. I didn't see the problem.  Attached the verification log. and log link - https://mega.nz/file/pM1GDRgJ#hI4VaN-7jORcHZzfc1fviNGVyvFfZ9h8xa_Xm6eWHe8



This game is a trojan, if downloaded on pc, use the windows security to delete it. Idk if it truly is or not but I've never had this problem before with itchio except this game. 


You may need to get a virus delete because it says it didn't fully delete it.

My antivirus doesn't see any problems. I checked the "cureit" archive. I didn't see the problem.  Attached the verification log. and log link - https://mega.nz/file/pM1GDRgJ#hI4VaN-7jORcHZzfc1fviNGVyvFfZ9h8xa_Xm6eWHe8


Well both of my anti-virus software's picked it up and had it removed

would be nice to not have the game intro run everytime i open it, also, update 0.11 keeps showing errors whenever i try to enter any part of konaha


You can describe the errors in more detail. At the expense of the game intro-think about it, fix it.

is there a way i can remove this from my library and refund

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